The Dream

Success- Attitude Educational Services Inc. is a dream to touch more and more human beings and help to bring about positive change in their lives, by using all possible means and platforms for communication. Our vision is to inspire people for accomplishment, achievement and success with the words of faith, hope and encouragement.

The Belief and Mission

We are convinced that every human being is engineered for accomplishment and deserves to be successful. We also believe that it is the attitude of a person that determines his altitude. It is the knowledge of the "Principles of Success" and its implementation, that can make any person successful in-spite of his past and present circumstances.

We understand that a person can not change his past but definitely choose a bright future by taking action in his present. Success is not a chance but choice. However, like all good things in life it does not come free, and one has to pay the price. The most difficult price to pay for success is the change that one has to bring in ones own-self. It requires courage, determination and a lot of attitude.

We believe in the potential of every human being and have complete trust in their abilities to excel. Our mission is to provide them with courage, motivation and guidance that are required to shun the life of mediocrity and move towards a life of excellence and significance.

The Mentor 

The Mentor and CEO of Success-Attitude Educational Services Inc, Vivek Ray is teacher, trainer and inspirational speaker, and has been building people through his association with professional colleges, career coaching institutions and training consultancies. During his career spanning twelve years, he took active interest in the success of the people he coached and he feels fortunate to be able to serve them. From a hard skill trainer in the area of hospitality he graduated to life-skill training, as he observed that 85% of success depends on life-skills and just 15% on the technical skills. Gifted with a power to inspire people with his words it is now his life's mission to contribute in this 85% area of people's success. A voracious reader, he considers Zig Ziglar, the world's greatest inspirational speaker as his ideal and role model.

The Action Plan

We propose to fulfill our mission by using following platforms:

Websites & Blogs: Internet is a powerful medium that has far reach, and is an effective platform to propagate our ideas to masses. The content rich websites and blogs with free resources is aimed at providing a handy tool for anyone who is looking for mentorship and coaching. This website is just the beginning.

Books & Publication: We are already working on our first book. Apart from this we shall also promote books by scores of other writers that have the life changing ability. Our association with is a effort towards this end.

Audio Recordings: Audio recordings are the purest form of knowledge and can be a great form of positive association. The life changing ideas presented in this website and the book will be available in the form of audio CDs & cassettes, recorded in the powerful voice of the mentor of Success-Attitude.

Corporate Services: If you run an organization, we can help you by training your team members. This is one of the best investments that you can make in your business, as we shall not only transfer knowledge, but also motivate them to take necessary action. Invest with us in building your people; In turn your people will build your business. For a detailed proposal kindly contact us by e-mail at [email protected] along with the profile of your compnay and your specific requirements. 

Career Services: It is the young people, the students on threshold of their career, who require mentorship and guidance the most, as the decisions they make and the action they take at this juncture, affects their future and the future of this nation. We are not doing enough if we are not doing anything for them. Therefore we commit ourselves to provide coaching, inspiration and guidance to these young citizens through our various career oriented services.