"Success is not a Chance... its a Choice"
Vivek Ray
CEO & Mentor

Are there secret Success Principles known only to a few? You bet there are.

All successful people know the power of dreams. Get your own dream at:

"Faith can move mountains." You too can work miracles in your life.

Get into submission and succeed! Why and to whom?

United we stand, divded we fall. Succes is impossible without unity

Can you still feel good when things go wrong? Insure a Poitive Attitude fo a life time.
Values are building block of our life. Succesful people follow these values that yields powerful results.

Knowledge is latent force. When applied it is Power. So, get into Action.

Failures may mean delay, not defeat. Learn to handle failures, obstacles and diversions and turn them to success.
Your success is equal to your Self Image. Change it and see the world changing.

No goals, no success. Know about goal setting & achieving them. Also Stress management & Time management.
Effective communication is key to success in every walk of life. Master the art.
You can get rich too, in coming five years. All you need is financial inteligence.
Your mind is like a computer that runs on the program you feed in. Re-program your mind for success.
This is what this site offers you:
Message from CEO, Success-Attitude.com

Dear Visitor,

Dare to Succeed….you deserve it!!!

You, like all human beings are engineered for accomplishment and success. You can scale whatever heights you choose. You already have the ability and the potential inside you. All you will ever need is to muster courage and decide that you are going to be a success.

Success is a Choice

Success is not a chance. Luck or circumstances have nothing to do with it. It has been discussed in details inside the portal. Like all other choices in your life, your success is in your hand. That is the good news, and the bad news.

You say, you can do it...You are right!!!
You say you can't...you are still right!!!

It is good because it gives you freedom to control your destiny. And it is bad news as so many people choose a life of mediocrity rather than choosing a life of excellence and achievements, simply because, the former path is easier.


You have taken the first step. By visiting us you have proven that you want to choose a life of Success. However, this road is full of ups and downs. Once in a while you will need guidance of a mentor. A mentor, who will hold your hand as you trudge the road, show you way when you feel lost, pull  you up when you are down.

Most resources on this website are free. Subscribe to the free newsletter, for regular dose of inspiration. And in case, you want some personal guidance, please feel free to e-mail me at vivek@success-attitude.com. I shall be delighted to be of some assistance.

Here is to your success. God Bless You

Yours truly,
CEO & Mentor
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