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Action produces results
Action produces reaction. And this reaction to your action is nothing but results. Results could be either what you desired or something else. There is never an action where there is no reaction. In the field of sales it is often says that a sale is made every time the sales-man makes a presentation. Either he sells the product to the customer, or the customer sells a 'no' to the sales man. So, there is a result, either positive or negative.

What successful people do is that they take action and analyze the result against what they wanted. If the result is satisfactory they repeat the same action till they master it. If the result is not satisfactory they change their strategy and again take action. In other words they keep on taking action persistently till they achieve what they want.

Good result after an action is success. A failure after action is also success. (See the Power of Failing Forward). Thomas Edison was asked if he felt discouraged by the 1,073 failures he had before inventing the electric light bulb. He said "I did not fail 1,073 times. I found 1,073 ways not to do it."

Action creates abundance
Human Being has ability to create abundance through his action. A farmer sows a few grams of seeds to create abundance of food grain. You will be considered success only when you are able to create abundance. Through your profession you create abundance of wealth with which you can help others. In family life through your continuous action you create love and happiness. You can create an abundance of spiritual bliss through your righteous actions.

The law of abundance is strange. It says that you give more you get more. Lot of people see this statement in a narrower perspective of giving only in material form. In fact, you create abundance by rendering your service abundantly, by helping other people abundantly. Through your profession you will create abundance of wealth in the exact proportion of the number of people you help. Similarly, you will create abundance of love and happiness in family when you give abundance of love, care and understanding. In other words you have to put in an abundance of action.

Why some sportsmen have better records? Because they continue working hard, putting action in the sport they play. Why some doctors do well than others? Because they keep on taking action to gain abundance in knowledge that can cure better. Why some sales people sell more? Because, they meet more number of prospects, make more presentations; face more rejection, thus putting in a lot of action to create abundance in sales.

So keep taking action consistently and persistently till you create abundance. As Zig Ziglar said, 'A Big shot is a small shot who kept on shooting.'

What is the right time to action?

The right time to take action is NOW?

The biggest enemy of action is Procrastination, or delaying taking action. Do you remember those small tasks that you have not been doing thinking that you will do them one day but never got to it?

There are a number of reasons for procrastination. However fear is number one followed closely by pure laziness. Volumes have been written on this greatest disease that has castigated more number of people to a life of mediocrity than anything else. People with great ideas whose name would have been shinning have led a life of obscurity because they never took any action.

As mentioned fear is the number one reason of procrastination. This fear could be big or as small as a doubt in the corner of your mind. What if I do not do it well enough? What if people laugh at me? What if I fail, What if....? In fact there are no end to these doubts and fear in our mind and the more we think about it, they keep on becoming bigger and bigger. The guilt of not taking action makes us further miserable and lowers ours self image. And ultimately we live a life of a looser.

In order to hide these fears, people make number of excuses. I am too old, or I am too young; I don't have enough money; I have too many other commitments; I don't have proper education; I am too tired. These are excuses that we make for our inaction as we try rationalizing our procrastination to others and ourselves.

But, if you really want to be successful and live a dream, you will need to procrastinate one thing that is procrastination it self. There is just one way you can overcome both fear and laziness, and that is taking action RIGHT NOW!

Don't think. Get up now and take action. When we think, what do we really think? We think of the doubts that we have in our mind that are becoming mental monsters in form of fear and then we think of excuses. So, don't think, just ACT NOW.

Here is an exercise for you that will start you on to the habit of taking action right NOW.

Step 1:Take a piece of paper and list at least five things that you have been thinking of doing for sometime but have not done it so far. It could be as small as making a phone call, writing a letter to your friend, sending a e-mail, checking up some information on net, or simply telling your loved ones 'I love you.'

Step 2: Get up, and do it one after another. RIGHT NOW, or at least before the day is completed. You are not going to go to bed without completing that, (or I will come in your dreams and haunt you).

Do it NOW!! It may be your only chance……..
Power of Failing Forward
Power of Action
"Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow"
- Anonymous
 "The path to success is to take massive, determined action."
- Anthony Robbins
"Well done is better than well said." 
- Benjamin Franklin
Books for Success
This book helps you to learn how to be more productive, overcoming inexperience, lead yourself and empower other so that you work smarter and  not just harder. As you develop the habit s of positive producer you start getting results faster and accelerate your success.