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In this new book, bestselling author John Maxwell examines the importance of attitude in determining a leader's success or failure, the forces that shape a person's attitude, and the seven choices necessary if one is to change his or her attitude.
I named this site Success-Attitude because I am convinced that Success is nothing but an Attitude. In fact this entire site, not only this section speaks of only one thing and that is Attitude. Winning is a matter of attitude; Your self image is a matter of attitude; Your Dream and your conviction and commitment to it, is a matter of attitude, Your faith is a matter of attitude; Achieving goals is a matter of attitude, Your relationships are a matter of attitude, your financial success is again a matter of attitude.

So, it is better to have a positive attitude rather than have a negative one.

A study made at Harvard University proved that 85% of your success depends on your attitude and rest 15% on your technical aptitude. But what do we do. We spend 90% of our efforts to improve our aptitude; we learn facts, figures, and formulas. But we spend only 10% (and sometimes not even that) to acquire the right attitude; that incidentally contributes to more significant part of our success.

The good news is that you are not stuck up with the attitude you have, you can always improve it. The bad news is that even positive attitude is not permanent. You may loose it.

Nothing is permanent in life. And so is not the kind of attitude we have. If your attitude is not getting you what you want you can always change it. You only need to decide and commit to bring the change and have faith in yourself.

"If you want to change something in life, you need to change something."

But if you have the positive attitude, how can you be so sure that it will remain that way. This world and the challenges that it presents, at times puts you down and de-motivates you. So, it is important to keep your mental attitude positive so that you can come up again.

"Positive Attitude is something that makes you feel good, when in real you are feeling bad."

Anyone can remain enthusiastic and excited when things go well, everything happens as you have planned. But, if things start going wrong and you are presented with obstructions, failures, de-motivating situations, it is then I want to ask you, how you are feeling? Are you still excited?

Everyone has a good attitude when he/she is on the top of the hill. But, the real test of your strength of character, your personality and attitude is when you are down there in the valley.

When life presents itself with its numerous challenges, we feel down and loose faith in our abilities. This is the time when Positive Attitude, brings you out, it reaffirms your faith, changes your focus, and ones again puts you back on the road that takes you towards your success.

So, it pays to develop a Positive Attitude and maintain it. In the following pages of this section of the site we have discussed some effective strategies and techniques that can help you to develop a winning attitude and insure it.
"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative."
- Robert Collier
"Positive Attitude can not get you anything
But it can get you everything better than negative attitude can"

- Zig Ziglar
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