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4. Protect your mind and feed it

The human mind is a miracle. Nothing is more fertile than the human mind. If we analyze, when we are having food (we spend a lot of money on good food), which part of the body are we feeding. We are in fact feeding our body neck down. Think what we can do best with this part of body. At best we can do manual labor. And how much can we earn doing manual labor?

Now lets talk about the part of body that is above the neck. What is the potential of this part? The answer is, unlimited. But do we ever feed it?

The human mind is like a fertile piece of land. Whatever seeds you put in, you harvest that crop. If you put in garbage, garbage will come out. What do we put into this mind the entire day? We read newspaper or watch news on television. There are more negative news then positive ones. No one will buy a newspaper if it was only telling good things. More negative the news is, more sensational it becomes, and we find ourselves and everyone else discussing it the entire day. So, what is going in our mind?

We watch soaps on television. We somehow identify ourselves with the characters in these soaps as they have the same set of problems we have. The producers of these soaps know it. That is why we see that nothing good really happens in these serial soaps. Every time the characters are in some problems and we get hooked on to it hoping that there problem will get solved in next episode. As if solving there problems will solve ours.

Then there are people around us who are busy telling us that how bad this world is; how incapable we are; how bad our government is; why can't we do particular thing etc. And over and above we have to face our own sets of challenges that can be pretty intimidating in their own right. So, what will be there in our mind at the end of the day? Whatever it is, it can not be positive and enthusiastic.

So, we need to protect our mind and feed it with positive. We have to make an effort to do it. Any thing positive requires effort. Negative is automatic. If you want to grow food grains and vegetables, you will have to till the land, buy seeds, sow them, water the fields, add fertilizers, take care of the crop and then harvest it. But do you need to do anything for weeds. They just grow on there own.

Protect your mind from negative influence 
Your attitude is your responsibility. Hence, the fist step is to protect it from negative influence. Use a supermarket approach, when reading newspaper. Read it as it is important to remain aware of the world around . But do not focus on the negative. And most important, do not discuss it. What happens is  that when you discuss it, the negative aspects of the news get reinforced in your mind destroying your attitude. As far as television soaps are concerned, avoid them. Choose wisely the programs you watch.

Keep away from people who are negative. And even if you have to interact with a few of them, give them a dose of your positive talk. They may not agree with it, but at least this positive talk will nullify the ill affect these people have on your attitude.

Develop positive association
What is the best way of catching a cold? Be around a person who has it. So, what is the best way of remaining positive? Be around positive people. Develop association with people who are dreamers, have strong faith, who are progressing in their lives. There attitude will surely brush on to you. These people will respect your dream, reinforce your faith, and motivate you to achieve. One of the best ways of developing this kind of association is at training seminars, where you will find only those people who are seeking to grow. Develop long term friendship with such people. They will be your greatest assets.

Listen to powerful positive recordings
You have already understood that during your journey to success you will face rejections, and will be affected by negative influences. So we need to give a constant dose of positive, to keep negativity out. Recording of powerful inspirational speakers is one of the purest forms of positive association. The best part with these recordings is that you need not invest extra time in it. You can listen to it when you are doing your morning chores, or cooking, or, driving your car, or commuting in public transport. These recording will keep you motivated and keep your attitude positive in face of all the rejection and negative influence that you may face during the course of the day. Listen to a recording for at least half an hour.

They are easily available at amazon.com. In order to get complete benefit of each recording you must listen to each one of them at least 16 times. Every time you listen to the same recording you will get to learn something new that you missed out the last time. Listening to these recording will stimulate your mind and increase your enthusiasm and productivity thus taking you towards your goals on a fast track mode

Read Positive Mental Attitude Books
Develop the habit of reading. Read only for fifteen minutes. When you are reading you in fact get into a conversation with your inner-self and get ideas. You are motivated to take important decisions based on these ideas, and the more you read these decisions become commitments. The more knowledge you gain, more positive you become. You discover your hidden potentials. Good books can be your friend for a life time.

God Bless you!!!
Power of Values
Developing Positive Attitude (Part2)
"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."
- Francesca Reigler
"You cannot tailor make the situations in life, but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations before they arise."
-Zig Ziglar
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