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"Show me a man who never failed
I will show you a man who never worked"

- Vivek Ray
When I was little my father once told me "Failure is a pillar of Success." I could not understand it that time that how is it possible. But whatever, I took his word for it and I was ready to fail. Since, I was ready to fail; I tried more number of times. And guess what? Though, there are number of things in which I have not succeeded as yet, but I never failed.  I will never fail because I refuse accept defeat.

"Failure may mean delay
It never means defeat"

The fear of Failing is the number one reason, for which people procrastinate taking action. And because they never take action they never really achieve anything. The fear of failing is strong in their mind, and they feel that they can never fail if, they have never tried. But think, if they are not trying, will they be successful? Of course not! And if you are not a success you are definitely a failure. If there is no light it is most definitely dark.

However, there are quiet a few people who have tried at least once, and have failed. A fewer are there who tried a second time and failed. Then even lesser number who tried a third time. It is true that whenever you do something, you have more number of chances of failing then succeeding. But you are not a failure as long as you have not quit trying. But, what most people do, they quit and dump their dreams and accepts it as their fate.

"Winners never quit
Quitters never win"

There was a little girl next door whom I saw growing up, I observed that why children learns so fast. It is so because, they never quit trying. I remember her first step. I never counted how many times she tried taking her first step and fell. But every time she fell, she got up and tried again. One more time and, then to everybody's joy she took her first step, and second. When she was still learning to walk, she fell a number of times and hurt herself. She even cried a bit. But when ever she used to get up I could see determination in her eyes and no fear.

Bradman, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, and so many more! Those of you who are cricket fans would know these names. They have been known as the best and the most successful batsman of their times.  They have scored more number of runs in cricket than anyone else. It is not because; they have scored on every ball that was balled to them. It is because they played more number of balls then any one else. In fact if you count the number of balls they have actually missed, or did not score on, you will get a figure far more than the number of balls they have actually scored a run. And that is the secret. They failed every time when they could not score. But they kept on playing, ball after ball, ball after ball. And runs kept trickling in and the totals became so impressive that people call them a success.

A big shot is small shot who kept on shooting. Failures in life are inevitable. But what counts is your attitude towards it. There are two kinds of people in this world. One who will accept failure as their fate and quit. The other kinds are who will not accept defeat. They will use the failure as a motivation to move on and try one more time.  They are the people who know that, day only comes at the end of night, acceptance follows a series of rejection, and success follows failure.

A living example of this is Amitabh Bachchan, a legend, whose success can not be easily surpassed in the movie world. When he decided to become an actor, he faced a lot of rejection. He did not have the right type of personality to become an actor. Producers and directors told him that he is too tall, too skinny, a wrong type of face and a voice that is far too deep. But he was not the one who would have given so easily. He had a dream, and he knew that he can act. So, he went from one producer to another getting rejected. But then, some one gave him a break. And then he started getting small breaks before one movie he did was a big hit. Most of you will say that he became successful from that time. But I tell you, success is not a destination but a journey. Amitabh Bachchan started on it the very first time he thought that he should become an actor, and went and met the first producer.

It is not that, he was successful ever after. He had started his own company that went bankrupt. But he was a winner, not a quitter. He refused to accept failure and started a career afresh at an age of 55. And he came up stronger than before.

The history of mankind is studded with such numerous examples who have achieved in spite of all odds. It was not that they were lucky. They had shares of their failure, but they never gave up.

"Either you can fail forward or you can fail backward"

It is not that successful people do not fail. It is that they decide to fail forward rather than failing backward and quit. When you learn to fail forward, failures stops bothering you, and in fact through failure you become a better you.

How to fail forward? You may ask. Here are few of the things that successful people do. Why don't you do it as well!
Learning to Fail Forward
Power of Action (Continued)
"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely"
- Anonymous
"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely"
- Anonymous
Books for Success

"the difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure." In Failing Forward, the best selling author John C.  Maxwell offers inspirational advice for turning the difficulties that inevitably arise in life into stepping stones that help you reach the top.