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In this timeless bookCharles Allen shows us how to  concentrate on God's power to bring positive change in our lives and in the lives of people around us. Through stories of answered prayer and practical, down-to-earth advice, you will better understand the effect your prayers can have on yourself, your loved ones, and your world.
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
You have a dream, a big dream, but nothing seems to be happening. You are not taking any action to fulfill it. There seem to be too many obstacles, too many things that are not right. You are getting easily de-motivated, and you may dump your dream.

If this is your story then, you are not aware of the Power of Faith.

Faith is one of the most important Success Principle. If dreams were rocket, faith would have been the fuel. If dreams were gadgets, faith would be the electricity that powers them. You can not see electricity, but you know it is there. All you have to do is switch it on. And hey presto, your room is filled with light, or your television comes to life.

Similarly, once you switch on your Faith, it powers your Dreams and manifests itself into positive action.

What is Faith? Many people confuse between faith and belief. But they are distinct from each other.

A belief is a perception of knowing something. The belief can either be big or small. It can be either empowering or limiting. It all depends on what you believe, that in turn is based on your circumstances and experiences and may be on what others have told you.

However this is not true with Faith. Dictionary explains Faith as "Belief without any proof." Faith is the state of knowing something even if there is no physical evidence. It is an unshakable belief that does not need any explanation. No answer for faith is required as no question exists.

Confused! Let me explain by giving you examples from daily life.

You get up on a taxi. Do you check the driver's license? You just get up and give him your address. That is faith.

You buy a ticket and board an Airplane. You are never sure that it will ever reach the destination. Every now and then there is news of planes crash. But you still board it. That is faith.

You go to sleep, and plan for the day to come. How can you be so sure that you will get up the next day? But you still go of to sleep believing that you will get up refreshed the next morning. That is faith.

You want to see News, or catch on your favorite sport on television. You switch on the power. So many things can go wrong. There may be no electricity, there might be some problem with your TV set, or may be there is no transmission. But do you think about all these. No, you don't. You get popcorn, make yourself comfortable and press the button on the remote control. You are acting in faith.

When you fall sick, you go to  your family doctor. Now you are out of station and you have to see a different doctor. He prescribes you some medicines. But as soon as you are back home you meet your own doctor, who confirms the line of treatment taken by the other doctor. You suddenly feel good. That is faith again.

Like this in daily life we put our faith in so many things, so many people. But why is it that we cannot have faith in our own self, our own Dreams?

Life is full of obstacles. We cannot choose most of our circumstances. But we can choose to have faith. Once we have faith, we shall start focusing on what can be done, rather than what is not possible. Obstacles and deviations will stop bothering us. Failures will not matter any more. People around us may be discouraging us, but we shall not give up. We shall in a way become stubborn in pursuit of our dream, till we achieve it.

When we live in faith we not only have greater momentum toward our goal, we not only streamline our life and are relieved of many inner conflicts, but some amazing transformations in our daily life or career often happens. And that is the power of faith.

So it is in the interest of your dream and your success that you need to develop faith.

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"Faith can move Mountains. If your mountain is big, get bigger faith"
- Vivek Ray
Cast your Dreams in Steel