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The Submission Principle will lead you to experience God's power, as you never have before. Total submission is your key to transformation - to consistently act in accordance with God's will in everything you do, thus assuring the right outcome.The Submission Principle is the key to unlimited power enabling us to success.
Submission is one of the most misunderstood words in English.

Submission is often perceived as opposite of domination. Submission for most of the people simply means surrender to somebody's authority, where one looses even ones identity.

We are NOT talking of that kind of submission.

Let me explain with an example. You are listening to a concert. But more than listening you are involved with yourself. Will you be able to enjoy the music? Obviously not!

So what you do, you loose yourself in the music. You let yourself flow with the notes. You go where the musician wants to take you take, high and low, high and low. You are in complete receptive mood. In other words you submit to the musician in order to fully appreciate his music. This is the kind of submission we are talking about.

In order to be truly successful in life you must master the art of submission. The lessons in submission begin when we are very young. As children we submit to our parent and teachers. But as we grow up, our ego becomes more important.  It is only ourselves, our ideas, our point of view that become all important and we never really give ourselves the opportunity to discover the true power of submission.

In our daily life we willingly or unwillingly submit to a number of people such as our bosses (who at times knows less than us), bullies, dominant figure at home, law of the land and people enforcing it, etc.

Here we are telling you that how the power of submission can be unleashed to make you successful in life.

This is how the Power of submission helps you:

Submission helps you to develop faith:
The first and the most important form of submission is submission to the Higher Consciousness commonly known as God. In order to develop faith in self, we first need to have faith in the Higher Consciousness. (Refer to Power of Faith). Faith is important to protect our dreams of success from the negative influence that life and this world might have. Once we accept the authority of God, or go into submission to Higher Consciousness all doubts simply vanishes as our faith become stronger and we feel safe in the care of the Almighty.

Submission helps you to remain teachable
Teachable is a person who can be taught, or who is willing to learn. This universe is full of untold wisdom. Successful people draw from this vast expense of wisdom. However, it is not possible for a single person to have all of it. If you want to grow in you life you need to keep on learning from people who are more knowledgeable than you in certain areas. They are people who can hold your hand and take you on the path of higher level of understanding. You may be lucky enough to find mentors who will personally coach you, or you may find mentorship in books or maybe in a website like this one. These mentors may at times be younger to you, may be less educated to you, but have for some reason got a richer experience in the particular area.

However, you can not learn from them unless you are ready to forget your ego and go into submission to them, irrespective of their age, sex, bearing or education. You will observe that successful people are usually very learned and have knowledge encompassing various things because they submit to a number of other people who are ready to share their expertise or wisdom with them. Then they utilize this knowledge to harness greater powers to achieve and accomplish more.

Submission makes you a better leader
Successful people are leaders and leaders have followers. As a leader you will need to submit to your followers. Strange, but true!

Jesus was one of the greatest leaders gifted to mankind, so was Prophet Mohammad, Gautam Buddha Guru Nanak. Their greatness lied not only in their submission to God, but the submission to their followers. They always thought of the people before themselves. They had submitted themselves to the needs of the people of this earth. That is why they scaled such heights of greatness, that today we revere them.

So, if you want to be leader, you need to submit to the people for whom you are responsible. Submit to there needs, their happiness, forgetting your own ego and in turn they will put you on pedestal. Please remember submission to people whom you can help and rendering them service is another form of submission to the higher consciousness and one of the main purposes we have been put on this earth.

Submission helps you to discharge your family responsibilities in a better way
A successful person is successful in every sphere of life. If you amass great wealth, and reverence of people, but your family life is in shambles, you are not truly successful.

If you want to be a better spouse and keep your wife or husband (whatever be the case) happier, submit to them.  If you wish to be a better parent submit to your children. If you want to be a better friend submit to your friends.

This does not mean that you will allow the other person to dominate you. (I hope you remember we are not talking of submission that is opposite to domination.) It simply means that you feel responsible for them and render them service from the role that has been assigned to you in the same way you will provide service to God. And true service is not possible without the feeling of submission. Husband loves is wife and the wife her husband. They together love their children. And love itself is highest form of submission as love believes in giving without expecting anything in return.

Submission makes you powerful
Submission is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. A person who knows the true power of submission and practices it automatically assumes a position of power. A leader is powerful because he has submitted to another leader (or at the highest God). People will not follow you but your vision, your dream. And submitting to ones dreams is another way of submitting to God or Higher Consciousness as that is the one who has planted the dream in our mind.

A lover has power over other; a husband has power on wife, and wife on husband; Parents have power over children and children over their parents because they are all submitted to each other in love.

Finally a word of caution about submission
Submission is a powerful tool. But be careful when you are submitting as to whom you are doing it. Avoid submitting to unscrupulous people, or those who wants to take advantage of you. They may bring harm to you. So, when submitting follow your heart. Choose your mentors and teachers wisely. Submit to following for success:

  -  God
  -  Mentors and true teachers who are willing to teach without selfish motive
  -  Your family, (they deserves it.)
  -  Your welwishes who do not want any thing in return
  -  People who are dependent on you (they are the people you serve).

God bless you!!
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