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Values are what you believe in. Most people have a sense of what they believe. Even if they don't realize it, they have a set of values that they live by. These values are generally imbibed into our subconscious as we grow up through our family, and the society we live in. But they can also be practiced consciously till they become a part of our personality.

We are what our values are. They are the building blocks of our personality. Values, since they are beliefs can be empowering or limiting. Successful people attach lot of value to their values. In absence of these values none of the other success principles really work. Here we are listing some of the major values that you need to have in order to get what you want in life.

The Value of Accountability and dependability:
Accountability means willingness to accept responsibility of your own-self and that of your actions. Dependability is the reliability of a person on you because you are accountable.

A person who is accountable will take responsibility of his dream, his success and for his actions. He will never blame others, or make excuses if the things are not right. Here is a wonderful anecdote on accountability a person has towards oneself.

Once Abraham Lincoln while conducting interviews for position in white house rejected a candidate. When he was asked by his secretary that why he rejected that candidate despite of his qualification the President replied that he didn't like his face. The secretary, astonished asked that no one is responsible for the way he looks. The great leader replied "At age of 40 everyone is responsible for the way he looks."

When you are accountable, people will trust you. They will believe in you. They will value your words. Whatever you do in life, you must be accountable and thus dependable. On your personal front you are accountable to your friends for the quality of friendship, you are accountable to you family for the love and care you ought to provide and the duties you perform. Then only they can depend on you. And you will be a successful friend, a successful husband/wife/parent/son/daughter whatever social role you are assuming.

As a citizen of the country you live in, you are accountable to the country so that the country can depend on you for your contribution to the society and nation building. In the professional front if you are a businessman you are accountable to your shareholders, employees, your associates and your clients. If you are doctor you are accountable to your patients and the medical community, as an actor you are accountable to your producers, directors, and fans, as an artist you are accountable to the art that you practice and the people who patronize it, as a teacher you are accountable to your students, as a lawyer you are accountable to the legal system, and your clients.
So if it is success you are looking for, imbibe accountability and dependability in your value system.

Value of Commitment
How much value you attach to the promises you make. Here I am not only talking about the promises that you make to others but also to yourselves. There are a lot of people in this world that in spite of having dreams never really make it because of lack of commitment to it.

Commitment is a promise that you make to yourself that you will do what you have decided, what ever it takes. You need to have a commitment towards your relationships, your profession, your social duties, your dreams and your success. Commitment is the first step towards becoming accountable and dependable. Sense of commitment is a powerful value as it is the only thing that keeps you going in the face of adversities and helps you to persevere. 

Value of Loyalty
Loyalty is an important value that goes hand in hand with accountability and commitment. As a leader you will need loyalty of a number of people. It is a give and take world. You can not expect loyalty if you yourself are not loyal.

People will be loyal to people who are loyal. Customers are loyal to the salesman who are loyal to their customers' employees are loyal to the organization whose management is loyal to them, family members are loyal to each other, artists become celebrities because of their loyalty for their art. So loyalty begets loyalty. Therefore be loyal.

Value of Honesty & Integrity
Honesty and Integrity are two of the most important values one needs to have to be truly successful in life. In today's world where these two values seem to take back seat, it is becoming increasingly important to make them your allies.

You may amass wealth, or gain material benefits by being dishonest or using unscrupulous means, but what you will loose in the process is your self-esteem and peace of mind. You just need to keep your eyes open to witness numerous people who have become wealthy by using dishonest means, but are a walking inventory of physical ailments. It is simply because they have lost peace of mind and that it is manifesting itself in form of these ailments.

It is a complete myth that you can not become rich and successful without being dishonest. It is true that it may take a little longer, to gain the material benefits of success by being honest, but ultimately you will be winner as in the process of earning those material things you will not loose your peace and will be able to happily enjoy your success. Please bear in mind that true success is not merely accumulation of wealth but also a state of happiness and wellbeing.

As you rise higher in life and assume leadership roles, you are watched by a number of people. When you are honest other people naturally trust you, and they will be willing to associate with you. However honesty is a value that will find its expression even in the smallest way. Once during a training session I was taking with a group of waiters, I asked what honesty means to them. One person who hardly had any school education replied, "I think I am being honest when I am serving water in a glass that is clean." Next day I recommended him to the management for a promotion.

Value of Courage
There is no human being in this world who does not have fear. But you need to face this fear and pursue your dream. Bravery is not absence of fear but, the courage to do something despite of fear.

It requires courage to love and to be compassionate. It takes courage to make commitments and be accountable. It requires courage to remain honest and maintain integrity when entire world seems to be against it. It takes courage to believe in your dream and take positive actions to fulfill them when the entire world is laughing at you. Creativity, which is another important value, also requires courage to do something that no one has done earlier.

So, understand the value of courage and do what ever it takes to be successful.

Value of Self- Discipline
Self discipline is the ability to take action regardless of your emotional state. Nothing is ever accomplished only by best intentions. Say you want to loose some weight, so you will have to take some action on it on a regular basis. It may be going for a jog every morning. Now what if, you do not go one day because it is cold outside, the other day because it the only off you got in three weeks, the next because you thought, I will do it from tomorrow and the tomorrow never comes.

In everything in life you need self discipline. It is only by using this value that you will be able to overcome procrastination, and achieve your goals. Self discipline is like muscle training. The more you practice stronger you become. So start with discipline in small things and then move on to bigger ones.

Value of Love and Compassion
Jesus is great not because of he is son of God, but because he had love and compassion for all. Mother Teresa became the most successful social worker in the history of mankind because of the love and compassion she had in her heart.

True teachers who achieve the heights of greatness is because they feel love and compassion for their students, Leaders win hearts with love and compassion.

With love in your heart you can scale new heights. Love and compassion are such wonderful and divine values that change your focus from your own-self to others. When you do something out of love you do not have the go get attitude, but the go give attitude. I once heard a CEO of a manufacturing firm saying that, 'I love all customers so much that I can not imagine making products that are of inferior quality.'  Obviously because he loved his customers, they were in turn loyal to his products and made him successful.

Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest inspirational speaker and author says that 'You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people to get what they want in life.' Obviously you can not help enough other people if you do not have love and compassion in your heart.

God Bless You!!!
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"Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom."
 - Thomas Jefferson
"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
- Franklin P. Jones
"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."
 - Albert Einstein
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